West View Manufactured Homes

Aloha and welcome.

We are a local business based in Ventura County, California. We design plans with our clients and turn their visions into reality. We build, ship, and ready the home for move in day. Anything related to manufactured homes please ask us (seriously). We have been open for 10 years assisting an array of clients. And we love the coast and spending time at the beach. We are passionate about the beauty of California and it shows through our dedicated service and high quality homes.


My name is Tom Minkel.

I have been with West View Manufactured Homes for ten years. I have helped hundreds of clients in my career, learned the process,and gained an abundance of experience. I am lucky to have the opportunity to help people build their own style of homes and assist them with their creative goals.

About me:

In my free time, I enjoy spending time with my family, relaxing at the beach, and playing guitar. I have a lot of experience with manufatured homes along the coast from Malibu, Ventura, Santa Barbara, and Los Angeles. In addition, my office is located in Camarillo. However, I prefer meeting clients where it is easier for them.  Any questions about our manufactured homes simply give me a call to chat more about this. Thank you!

Contact Us:

Cell phone: (805)-320-4469
Email: tomminkel@hotmail.com

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